Transparent Pricing for Tailored Solutions

Our fees are fixed, ensuring transparency in every partnership.


£ 1000 Monthly +VAT
  • Ideal for small companies requiring limited legal assistance, covering 10 hours of legal work/paralegal support.
  • Exclusions: Disputes exceeding £10,000, unlimited access to our legal precedent library (1 precedent per month), and unlimited trademark applications (2 max per month).
  • Termination period: 2 months (due to onboarding and handover).


£ 2500 Monthly +VAT
  • A comprehensive package for established SMEs, handling day-to-day legal matters.
  • Exclusions: Disputes exceeding £25,000, and unlimited trademark applications or oppositions (5 max per month).
  • Termination period: 3 months (due to onboarding and handover).


£ 5000 Monthly +VAT
  • Tailored for established clients integrating TideyLaw into their daily operations. An initial consultation ensures alignment with your specific needs, as the Inhouse Package is designed to provide a comprehensive and tailored service to seamlessly integrate with your business operations.
  • Features unlimited services, including access to Barristers if required.
  • Termination period: 6 months (due to onboarding and handover).
Please note that all fees must be paid in advance.