Intellectual Property Safeguarding

TideyLaw offer established and result driven intellectual Property Investigation Consultancy. Our team has a track record of identifying individuals responsible for IP violation including inventors of the object or process in question, the owners of the trademark, or the users of the copyright. Recently the evidence obtained by our team has led to the resolution of several high profile disputes in fast moving tech markets.

Precision in Commercial Contracts

Secure your business interests with precision. TideyLaw specialises in drafting and reviewing various commercial contracts, including employment contracts, NDAs, sales contracts, purchase agreements, service agreements, partnership agreements, terms of service, licensing agreements, and software agreements.

Guidance in Disputes and Debt Recovery

Trust TideyLaw’s expertise in the identification and recovery of debts, both in the UK and overseas. Our streamlined dispute resolution workflows guide you from initial assessment to resolution or recovery.

Building In-House Legal Expertise

Choose us to act as your internal in-house team or set up essential documents and procedures. Automate correspondence, manage remotely through our legal services portal, and build your own in-house legal expertise.

Legal Research & Investigations

Discover comprehensive solutions for commercial property matters with our dedicated team. We proficiently prepare a wide range of commercial property documents, including leases and licences. With a deep understanding of business rates law, we’ve successfully advised defendants facing substantial claims from local authorities. Our expertise encompasses handling applications to set aside liability orders, addressing issues of abuse of process and collateral interests, as well as navigating check challenge and appeal procedures. Rely on us for meticulous attention to detail and strategic guidance in all your commercial property needs.